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On this page we provide historical archives to news items distributed on our listserves and posted on our home page bulletin box.


SEA-SPAN-L is a free moderated electronic newslist about environmental change and policy in Southeast Asia which operated between early 2000 and June 2009. Two to three hundred subscribers received on average 5-6 short e-mail messages a week of items of interest. To get a better idea of the content of the list visit please visit the extensive archives below.

The purpose of the list remains to provide support to researchers interested in policy issues related to the environment in Southeast Asia. The acronym stands for: Southeast Asian Science-Policy Network. From time-to-time regional policy-focused activities have been carried out under the SEA-SPAN banner.

Up until March 2003 it was hosted by the Impacts Centre for Southeast Asia (IC-SEA) server in Indonesia. Since then it has been hosted by the USER server in Thailand. The moderator was Louis Lebel. SEA-SPAN closed in June 2009. These archives are retained for reference.


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