Web Conference "Integrating Carbon Management into the Development
Strategies of Cities"
(18 May 03)

Now Open !

Conference Dates 7 June 2004 10 July 2004
Registration 3 May 2004 - 10July 2004

Venue USER Web-site:

Chairperson Dr. Louis Lebel (

Coordinator Dr. Jesse Manuta (

Dr. Enrique Puliafito (Universidad de Mendoza)
Dr. Anand Patwardhan (Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay)
Dr. Louis Lebel (USER, Thailand)
Mr. Rob Neff (Center for Integrated Regional Assessment)
Dr. Penelope Canan (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
Mr. Atuchi Ishii (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
Dr. Jesse Manuta (USER, Thailand)

The Unit for Social and Environmental Research (USER) is hosting a six-week long (7 June 2004- 10 July 2004) web-based conference on "Integrating Carbon Management into the Development Strategies of Cities" . The objective of the conference is to contribute to the ongoing dialogue among urban researchers, policy makers, earth system scientists, and the general public worldwide on the relations of regional development pathways, especially urbanization and urban transformations, and the global carbon cycle.

We would like to invite you to participate in the conference. We have set up a page with background resources for the conference and this includes several links to urbanization and the global carbon cycle related pages. We would also welcome your related studies, papers and case studies for the conference.

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